Africa best travel tips

Africa best travel tips

In this post I want to offer you the African best travel tips ever! Although this is an article to those who travel for the first time to Africa, it can be also used by others who visit other cities within this continent with the greatest variety of the planet.

There are many taboos, myths, and wrong ideas that we are going to demystify with this article. We will clarify doubts of many of our clients, so keep reading!

What to eat in Africa?

One of the most importants Africa travel tips that build interest at all levels is food. Questions like what type of food are there? What meat do they eat? Is it typical or international food?

The reality is that in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Namibia among other countries, you eat tasteful, and I want to add that this can be found in any type of accommodation that your budget allows: Camping, Lodge, Hostels, Tented Camp, Tented Lodge, 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and luxury accommodations. I have stayed in some of them and all are excellent options.

In fact, many lodgings consider if you have any type of dietary restriction, which you can inform before your arrival at the place of stay.

The truth and is my personal perception, many of these countries have a British influence on their service, some accommodations even offer the Afternoon Tea. Waking up with tea and cookies before breakfast? this is my favorite part! a coffee with cookies at 5:30a.m. is the best way to wakes up anyone to enjoy the day.

The meal service usually offers fruits, salads, main dishes with chickens, beef, house breads among other great variety. Personally, I do not like spicy food, so the first thing I mention to the chef when I arrive, is not to include spicy in my meals.

Where to sleep in Africa?

As I mentioned before, options in accommodation are varied and everything will depend on your budget. Below I propose types of accommodations in Africa that you can consider:

  • Camping 
  • Hostels
  • Hotels (2- 3- 4 stars, Farm stay type)
  • Tented Camps
  • Tented Lodges 
  • Luxury accommodations

Each one offers different amenities and services. In some, you can find game rooms, swimming pools, bonfires at sunset, traditional dances of the communities in the area, for example: Masai Village, Bushmen, among others. You can also buy souvenirs directly from the local communities or from the store in your stay.

Mostly, the accommodations offer guest laundry services (washing and dry cleaning). So if you are going to stay at least 2 nights I invite you to check the delivery time of the pieces you want to laundry. I remember one time I sent some shirts to laundry and unfortunately the piece was damaged in the process, but the manager came over and solved me in the best way. The hospitality and service is exceptional!

Safari Transport and Excursions in Africa

One oy favorite Africa travel tips: The vehicles. Essentially the vehicles we use are 4x4s safari vehicles that use double fuel tanks. It has spare tires and space for 7 occupants, including the driver, fold-out roof and panoramic windows, so you don’t miss anything. This way everyone can take a good photo of the object they need to shoot.

Another type of transport prepared for the occasion are the modified vehicles; but we work mostly with 4×4, like the ones you see in the image.

Travel Insurance

Although Africa is very safe, one of the tips I recommend for traveling to Africa (post pandemic) is always include an additional travel insurance that provide coverage in a private clinic or hospital. We offer basic insurance plan like the Flying Doctors, which is included in the package price and covers the transfer from the park to the city center.

Also we offer other insurance plans that includes coverage for COVID-19, trip cancellation, etc. For more details, you can send me an email to  As the saying goes: “ “Forewarned is forearmed”.

Luggage types 

For me this is an particularly good point, first because I recommend the use of bag-type suitcases, those are more comfortable; remember that you are moving around in a 4×4 vehicle that doesn´t have space for hard shell suitcases, second, if you have a domestic flight, the airlines do not allow hard shell suitcases and passengers that have one, will be charge with an additional fee or in the worst case, are not allowed to take it with them onboard, so my recommendation is to use mountain type bag from good material.

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First Aid and Medications

It is a good idea to carry a First Aid kit with painkiller pills or other medicine if you suffer from any medical condition. The vehicles have a First Aid kit in cases of cuts, fall down or similar circumstances.

Aditionally about mosquitoespeople ask me all the time-, the truth is that I take thiamine from a week before and during the trip as a preventive measure, but I must confess that I have never had problems of this type. For any decision on this issue, remember to consult with your doctor first. As an frequent Africa traveler, it’s one of my best tips.

What language is spoken in Africa?

Main Africa travel tips: Language. Talk about language is the most valuable advice when traveling to Africa. Depending on the region or destination, different languages are spoken. We work with guides who speaks in some cases up to 6 languages, but in case you want to buy a souvenir usually the conversation take place in English, however, it is easy to find store clerks who speak Spanish or other languages.

Of course, at the time of making your purchases, bargain cannot miss! Depending on the quantity of the purchase, you can negotiate, and if that does not convince them, you can always visit another store.

Should I bring photo equipment to Africa?

If you have decided to know Africa first-hand and enjoy Serengeti, Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru or any other place I highly recommend that you buy or rent a photographic equipment that allows to bring home those memories. I’ve seen people carrying only their mobiles to take pictures. I assure you that by looking at most of the photos they showed when they got back, they will say that no one told them or recommended to take a responsible photographic equipment 

You don’t have to invest big. Unless you are an amateur or professional photographer you can consider going with equipment and accessories that I will detail in another article.  I invite you to read my post where I talk about the photographic equipment that you can use on your trip.

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How much does it cost to go to Africa?

How much does it cost to travel to Africa?  It’s the most frequent question ever.  And it is easy to answer.  Prices are changing by season (High or Low), number of days, country to visit and accommodation type.

These 5 aspects will influence the price or budget you want to invest, as well as the type of activity you are looking for when visiting Africa, I mean, it is not the same thing plan a wedding, go for a walk, or go to take pictures of wildlife.

You can also choose to organize a tailor-made tour for you or join our regular groups throughout the year.

In order to know your interests and offer you options let me ask you this:

1.- Is this your first visit to Africa?

2.- How many days do you plan the visit?

3.- Do you want a custom tour or would you like to be included in a regular group?

4.- What is your average budget and the dates you are expecting to travel?

Quote your trip to Africa with our team here.

I hope you found these tips for travel to Africa very intereresting! Remember to share this article if you liked it and follow me on Instagram, Youtube an Tiktok. Until our next post!