Safaris & Bird Watching

We have the best tours and walks with safari in Africa and bird watching within the Republic of Panama. Live an authentic wildlife experience in all our destinations, but we also have other exotic destinations to visit.

Other destinations to which we organize trips within Africa are Rwanda, Namibia, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zanzibar. For birdwatching in Panama our circuits include the provinces of Darién, Chiriqui and different areas within the capital so you can get the most sighting and the opportunity to take those special photos.

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Other sections that you can review and enjoy on my website in addition to the videos on my Youtube channel correspond to my photographic work with series of wildlife, landscapes and bird watching, among other sections.

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The Great Migration

Serengeti, Tanzania

The Crossing Safari

Masai Mara, Kenia


Kenia & Tanzania

Salar de Uyuni

Potosí, Bolivia

Birdwatching Panama

Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá