The Giraffe Manor Experience

Located in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, the Giraffe Manor is one of the most remarkable wildlife-related hotels. The hotel is located at a distance of 20 to 30 minutes (20 km) from Nairobi city centre in vehicular transport, depending on the traffic. Is a luxury hotel that offers “All Inclusive” service (full board) and focuses on sustainability and support to communities close to the hotel, including staff hiring.

Enjoy The Giraffe Manor was built from 1930 to 1937 in a Scottish style. The lounges and rooms are unique with stately designs. Each room has its own characteristics making your visit a wonderful experience.  The Afternoon Tea in the purest English style recalls those ancient British traditions that have left a strong influence on Africa, at least in terms of food.

This mansion was the home of Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville, who dedicated their lives to the preservation of the endangered Rothschild giraffes. Rothschild giraffes visit the mansion in the morning and afternoon (at Tea Time) to share a moment with visitors, making it the main attraction of the hotel, but Rothschild giraffes aren’t the only residents in the hotel, you can also see warthogs (known in Disney as Pumba) that wander around the hotel at any time. It is normal to come across them, if one finds oneself walking around the hotel.

The hotel consists of 150 hectares where a diversity of fauna, flora and wildlife inhabit. They have an animal care and rescue sanctuary; whose objective is to return them to their habitat.

Over the years the hotel has received a huge number of visitors. Just look over social networks where they share this life experience. Karen Blixen author of ” Out of Africa” is among the distinguished visitors. On this book she shared very prominent quotes such as: “Africa, amongst the continents, will teach it to you: that God and the Devil are one”, and my favorite “Here I am, where I ought to be”.

The gardens and rest areas are worthy of a mansion. In the interior rooms its plays music from the 30s and 40s that transport you to dream or imagine yourself being part of those old films that evoked a more peaceful way of life.

Of course, the experience of living in first-person experience with Rothschild giraffes is one of the memories I treasure the most. Waking up in the morning with the cup of hot coffee and cookies and interact with them has no point of comparison. I emphasize that these immense animals are very docile, so if you go with small kids you will take the best picture when they feed the giraffes.

All 25 rooms have access to giraffes. Simply beat the food basket and the giraffes will come to your window to get their food directly from your hand. The trick is to feed them one basket at a time. That way you’ll keep the ruminant interested in your balcony.

The Tea Time is another way to share with giraffes. In the afternoon there are more hours to spend time with them. The guests struggle to make the best photo and attract their attention is titanic, but do not worry, with patience you will have the time and room to enjoy and somehow feel the rough giraffes tongue.

I realize that talk about it or trying to describe it is very inaccurate, the only thing I can say is if you visit Kenya and you can include one (1) night to visit the hotel, I assure you that this will be the best life experience that you will remember for the years to come.

I need to clarify that Rothschild giraffes are endangered and the hotel has a sanctuary where they are cared for in order to return them to their habitat. 

I mention this because I have received comments on my social networks with “free the giraffes” messages, which I appreciate, but there are very few people who make something for wildlife however promote nonsense campaigns.